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Marketing for Authors Who Want to Hit the Market

with Alex Newton

Some book marketing strategies work better than others. Imagine you could cut through the results of hundreds of thousands of books to see the highest-yielding ones. Alex will bring fact-based insights into why books your books and marketing actions may miss the market and what to do to avoid it.

Session proudly sponsored by WrittenWordMedia

Three Story Method Essentials: Why Good Writing is Your Best Marketing

with J. Thorn

Learn why you're wasting time and burning cash if you don't write scenes that work. This webinar reveals a simple technique to make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget.

The Secret Behind Author Websites That Actually Boost Book Sales

with Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Most author websites get very little attention and generate only a handful of book sales. In this class, you will learn to avoid common author website mistakes. You will also learn the secrets that will make your site great and your book sell.

How to use data to become a six-figure author

with Pete Fu

The most daunting change every author must face is the moment where they must move beyond the creative process of writing and into the overwhelming realm of numbers and data. This workshop aims to help you understand and master how to read, visualize, and--most importantly--interpret your data so you can grow your self-publishing career and focus on what you do best: write. 

Growing Your Readership With Cross Promotions and Newsletter Swaps

with Evan Gow

In this Fiction Marketing Academy session the indie developer of Story Origin, Evan Gow, will walk us through how to build an audience of readers (even if you're starting from absolute scratch) by leveraging the power of cross-promotions and newsletter-swaps. 

How To Work with an Author Assistant

with Samantha Williams

Ready for an assistant? The answer might surprise you! Let’s explore the pros and cons of working with assistants, dive into the benefits of having a publishing and publicity partner along for the ride, and much more. This session will open the door to freeing you up to write the next book while letting industry experts handle the business of being an author for you. Set yourself up for long-term success!

The power of author collaboration

with Steff Green

Authors in the same genre can work together to create cool things, bring in more readers and leverage their joint audiences. This workshop profiles a variety of author collaboration projects you could be involved in or run, and includes a list of DOs and DON’Ts for a successful collaborative experience.

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