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Alexa Bigwarfe

Advance Readers, Launch Teams and More!

Oct 9 - 10am EST

Audrey Hughey

Planning for Authors... Even when it all Seems Unplannable

Oct 9 - 12pm EST

J. Thorn

How to Use ChatGPT to Write and Optimize Your Amazon Sales Page

Oct 9 - 2pm EST

Daniel David Wallace

Adding a six-figure teaching business to your writing life

Oct 9 - 4pm EST

Cecelia Mecca

Travel Hacking for Busy Authors

Oct 9 - 6pm EST

Derek Doepker

Influencer Marketing for Authors, Done Right!

Oct 9 - 8pm EST


Eirinaios Theodorou

Boost Your Book Earnings: KDP Champ Features Unveiled for Net Profit Analysis

Oct 10 - 8am EST

Emily Enger

Minimalist Marketing: A Mindset For Growth Without Hustle

Oct 10 - 10am EST

Evan Gow

How One Platform Can Help You Grow Your Email List and Make More Sales 

Oct 10 - 12pm EST

Hank Marcacci

Keywords and Categories: Getting Your Book Discovered on Amazon

Oct 10 - 2pm EST

Hannah Jacobson

What Does it Take to Become an Award-Winning Author?

Oct 10 - 4pm EST

Matthew Ziranek

The Importance of Websites for Authors: Essential Features to Maximise Results

Oct 10 - 6pm EST

Brooke Adams Law

Market Your Book With A Home-Grown Launch Team

Oct 10 - 8pm EST

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Jason Hamilton

Why AI isn't Going Away, and What You Can Do About It

Oct 11 - 8am EST

Jessie Cal

The Secret to a Perfect Book Launch

Oct 11 - 10am EST

Chip Smith

20 Novels Is Less Than 3 Years and The Power of Building an Email List

Oct 11 - 12pm EST

Karen Ferreira

How to Grow Your Email List and Get Reviews as a Children's Book Author

Oct 11 - 2pm EST

Keith Ferrin

Believe in Your Brand: the Key to Faith-Fueled Marketing Success

Oct 11 - 4pm EST

Keri-Rae Barnum

How to Get Your Book in Bookstores and Libraries 

Oct 11 - 6pm EST

Ray Brehm

How To Save a Fortune on Your Tech Stack

Oct 11 - 8pm EST


Kimberley Grabas

How to Forge Direct Connections with Your Readers (The Reader-Centric Approach)

Oct 12 - 8am EST

Krystal Craiker

No-Fear Line Editing: Your Path to Polished Prose

Oct 12 - 9am EST

Mandi Lavoie

Strategies for Managing Time: a Working Author's Perspective

Oct 12 - 10am EST

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Maximising Your Earning Potential by Leveraging Your WIDE Publishing Options

Oct 12 - 12pm EST

Matt Holmes

My Unconventional Facebook Ads Strategy for Authors

Oct 12 - 2pm EST

Matt Stone

Book Cover Design: So Many Authors Do This Wrong!

Oct 12 - 4pm EST

CJ McDaniel

Driving organic traffic with fiction blogging

Oct 12 - 6pm EST

Get Lifetime Access To The Fiction Marketing Super Bundle!


Joe Solari

Achieving Long-Term Success in Your Author Business: Scaling Made Easy

Oct 13 - 8am EST

Matty Dalrymple

Pitching for Promotion: Getting the Gig with Podcasters, Bloggers and Reviewers

Oct 13 - 9am EST

Monique Danielle

Formatting to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Oct 13 - 10am EST

Beth Barany

Craft Your Author Branding Statement

Oct 13 - 12pm EST

Oriana Leckert

Kickstarter Publishing 101

Oct 13 - 2pm EST

Patrick Aylward

What Happens after my Manuscript is Written?

Oct 13 - 4pm EST

Clayton Noblit

Strategies to Grow Your Reader Audience

Oct 13 - 6pm EST


Shiv Chibber

Building Your Email Growth Engine

Oct 14 - 8am EST

Ricardo Fayet

The Strategies Behind a Successful Book Launch

Oct 14 - 9am EST

Robert Anderson

Getting Reviews and Launching Your Book The Right Way

Oct 14 - 10am EST

Russell Nohelty

Finding Your Perfect Author Ecosystem

Oct 14 - 12pm EST

Elizabeth Ann West

Your AI Marketing Assistant

Oct 14 - 2pm EST

Sandra Beckwith

How to Create a Book Marketing Plan 

Oct 14 - 4pm EST

Joe Yamulla

The Benefits of Releasing Books in All Formats

Oct 14 - 6pm EST


Sue Brown-Moore

Niching Down to Find Your Perfect Reader

Oct 15 - 9am EST

Thomas Umstattd Jr.

How to Start Building a Rejection-Proof Author Platform

Oct 15 - 10am EST

Tom Morkes

The Social Media Myth: What Authors Should Really Focus On

Oct 15 - 12pm EST

Brian Berni

Paid ads for the rest of us: how to focus on the 80/20 and beat info overload

Oct 15 - 2pm EST

Philip Duncan

Authenticity - The superpower for selling more books

Oct 15 - 4pm EST

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