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What is Fiction Marketing Academy?

Fiction Marketing Academy is an online event featuring 30+ fiction authors and book marketing experts. Its aim is to help you learn the top strategies for marketing your novel.

Who should attend?

You’ve put countless hours into your novel, you’ve pressed ‘publish’ and then… crickets. Or maybe you’ve already got a larger catalogue of books, but they are just not selling the way you’d like them to. Maybe you want to be a full-time author. Whatever the case, if you want to sell more books, Fiction Marketing Academy is for you. The insights you’ll gain from the experts are invaluable, and you’re bound to walk away with so many a-ha moments!

Where is it taking place, and do I have to book hotels?

No! It’s all virtual! No need for airline tickets, hotels and all the other annoying stuff. Just sit back with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy your training. Oh, but bring a notebook!

Where can I watch the event?

Each day several interviews will go live and you can watch them at any time for the next 24 hours.

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